Announcement: Temporary closure until 31st March 2017

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Our little bundle of joy has arrived! My husband and I are ecstatic to welcome little Harvey into the world! Born on 23rd January 2017 with the weight of 3.04kg.

Makeup by Benecia will be closed from 1st January until 31st March 2017 so that we can spend valuable time with the little one. Service will resume on 1st April 2017.  During this period, you may still contact me for enquiry on my services, rates and availability.

With my cutie little Harvey at his 1st month party with immediate family
Family photo, thankfully Harvey is very awake during the photo session
With my in laws, the little one is looking cute here
Photo with the confinement nanny, look at Harvey’s cute expression
So much food just for 5 people   haha..the last 3 food are my confinement food 😛



Sharing is caring

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