Makeover for a wedding event

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One of my earliest morning makeup job for the year for the wedding of a friend. I was fortunate to be able to witness the hair combing ceremony of the bride.

Hair combing ritual or commonly known as “shang tou” is a common Chinese wedding tradition that is conducted on the eve of the wedding. The ceremony is usually conducted by an elderly women (Hao Min Po). The mother of the bride can also perform the ceremony. The hair of the bride is combed four times while the mother or elderly women recite the blessings. The first stroke of the comb should be from the top to the tips of the hair blessing the couple’s marriage to last for a lifetime. The second is for happy and harmonious marriage until old age, the third is to have abundance children and grandchildren and the fourth and final stroke is to bless the couple with long life together.

Makeover begins for the the family of the bride- makeup and hair for the bride’s mum who is from Taiwan. I chose a light purple spring eyeshadow to match her dress and complement her fair complexion. The mum’s eyelash was pretty on fleek, trendy eyelash extension.  As the mum has short wavy hair which she recently had her hair curled, I just kept her hairstyle simple- created a side fringe for her, curl the ends of the fringe for added volume and style. I also curled the remainder of the hair for an overall volume and well-defined wavy hair and added slight volume to her crown of her head by back combing the hair. Lighting in the hotel room was not very conducive to have a well taken photo of the overall makeover though.

Next makeover was just hairstyling for the bridesmaid from New Zealand. She herself is also in the makeup industry in NZ, hence makeup is done on her own and only the hair is styled by Makeup by Benecia, Makeup Artist Singapore. I created a soft curl with sweet romantic flower heart shaped hairstyle, suitable for the garden wedding at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


There was also another makeover for a lovely bridesmaid from Hong Kong which was done by my assistant Kaslyn.

It is amazing to see the bridesmaids from Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore gather together to make the bride’s dream wedding a success. “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part.”

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Benecia Tan from Makeup by Benecia


Sharing is caring

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