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Engaged Encounter (EE) is an international marriage preparation course within the context of Catholic faith and values that is compulsory for all couples that is planning to have a Catholic Church wedding. This 3 days 2 nights course is a weekend away with other engaged couples. The purpose of this course is to help to bring couples together to discuss honestly about their future lives together. This discussion is essential as we often overlooked the significance of discussing important future life matters prior to the wedding as our concentration is solely focus on the wedding preparation.

“A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime.”

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What to expect on a Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend?

Couples are expected to gather by 8pm Friday evening at 201B Punggol Seventeenth Avenue, Singapore 829651. The venue is a cosy three storey bungalow.  Dinner is served on Friday evening followed by orientation.  The night ends after the facilitator allocates your roommate. Separate sleeping facilities are provided for males and females. You will be divided into a room of two, ladies on the 2nd level and guys on the 3rd level.

Saturday and Sunday session comprises of a series of sharing by a priest and two team of married couples facilitators. Facilitators share their personal marriage experiences as well as their marriage obstacles and how they overcome it. Facilitators sharing are solely meant to guide you towards your marriage life and not to tell you explicitly how you should lead your married life going forward.

After each facilitator’s sharing session is followed by your own personal reflection and then discussion between you and your partner. The discussion between each couple is dialogued privately as it pertains to your relationship and each relationship is unique. Among the topics open for discussion are your ambitions, goals, attitude about God, sex, money, children, family, and your role in the church and community.

Meals and drinks are adequately provided for throughout the whole weekend, except for dinner on Sunday. The whole venue including the bedroom are air-conditioned. The weekend ends with a mass on Sunday at about 5.30pm.

You may register for the EE course via Catholic Engaged Encounter Singapore website. It is advisable for you to register the course 1 year in advance from the date of your wedding as these course is fully booked all the time.

You may also consider attending the EE course in Malaysia if the available dates for Singapore does not fit into your schedule.

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